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Organic Jakhiya Seeds Online Prices in Uttarakhand Brand: Pahadi Lala

Rs 289499

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Jakhiya or Cleome viscose used in Grawhwali dishes, they use Jakiya for tempering. It enhances the unique and delicious taste of your dish, In Garhwal, they use also use the Faran,choru,dolu and chippi in grahwali dish.

Jakhia seed spices grow in wild or fallow Garhwal lands. The Indo-Mongoloid Bhotia (Pahadi Lala ) tribe of Garhwal has traditionally collected their spices from high alpine zone riches and arid temperate forests in areas ranging from 600 m to 1,600 m altitude. They also grow spices in their cropland and kitchen gardens and sell them to people living in India.

Jakhiya is a spice which is found in Uttarakhand.

Seeds of Jakhiya are used in place of Mustard due to its lots of benefits and taste.

Jakhiya provides an exotic taste to the meal and its seed become crunchy after cooking.

This packet is of 500 gm of Jakhiya.

It is a 100% organic product and good for health.

Jakhiya Seeds are small in size and brown in color.


Jakhiya Famous as Different Name all Over 

  • In Asia famous as cleome, viscid cleome, dog mustard, Asian spider flower
  • In Garhwali:- Jakhiya, jakhya
  • In Gujarati:-  pili talvani
  • In Hindi:- ujla hulhul 
  • In Tamil:- naikkaduku
  • In Konkani: tiloni kanfuti
  • In Telugu: kukkavavi
  • In Urdu:  hulhul
  • In Malayalam:- naivela
  • In Rajasthani: bagra
  • In Sanskrit: adityabhakta
  • In Marathi:  pivala tilavani

Jakhiya–Benefits, Nutrients, Dishes

A major part of Uttarakhand Cuisine, Jakhiya, or Jakhya is the black or brown color seeds. Jakhiya is the seeds of the Cleome viscosa plant often used for tempering dishes. It is an edible weed prolifically used in Garhwali and Kumaoni dishes, as it cracks on heating and gives a crunchy taste. Jakhiya is also known as wild mustard or dog mustard, and it is even smaller than the mustard seeds. 

Uttarakhand is a state known for its Jakhiya, commonly grown between crops. This spice enhances the authenticity and aroma of the food. The Jakhiya plant is also grown and consumed in Nepal as an alternative to Cummins seeds (Jeera). 

Jakhiya seed Nutrition

Jakhiya is the seed of Cleome Viscosa. All the parts of this plant are said to carry different nutrients and help in curing a variety of diseases. A major reason for Jakhiya to carry high nutritional value is because it is cultivated using no pesticides or fertilizers, which adds to its nutritional value. It has antimicrobial, insecticidal, anti-diarrhoeal, and anticonvulsant properties. 

Jakhiya Seed Benefits 

Jakhiya is not only an impressive spice but also has many medicinal properties because of its nutritional value. According to various research, Jakhiya is effective in treating infantile convulsions and mental disorders. This mental disorder can be treated with the help of oil extracted from the Jakhiya seeds. Jakhiya is also proven beneficial in curing fever due to blood disease, digestion, and uterine complaints. Leaves of Cleome viscosa are useful in healing wounds and ulcers.