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Soyabean Pulse Online Price in Uttarakhand Brand: Pahadi Lala

Rs 449799

More about Product

Order the premium quality Soyabean brought to you from the quality house of Pahadi Lala Consumer products. This Soyabean is high in nutrition value. It is a pure vegetarian food loved by men and women of age group. Even children love it very much.

Use Soyabean to make varied mouth-watering dishes. It has its multiple health benefits when consumed in recommended quantity. It is high in protein and a must buy consumable product. Visit Pahadi Lala right now to order the premium quality Soyabean available in different packs.

Soyabean Overview

·         Rich in protein good for bone health

·         A vegetarian product beneficial for blood pressure

·         Loved by all age group consumer

·         It has good fibre content

·         Helps in preventing diabetes

·         Helps control weight

·         The best food item for vegetarian people