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Himalayan Pahadi Jhangora Rice | Barnyard Millet From Uttarakhand

Himalayan Pahadi Jhangora Rice | Barnyard Millet From Uttarakhand

  • 2021-06-02 15:33:55

Jhangora or Barnyard Millet is a grain from high altitudes of Uttarakhand which can be used as the replacement of rice for various health purposes.
Pahadi jhangora is 100% organic.
Jhangora is considered a superfood as it is full of protein, easily digestible, and highly nutritious grain.

Jhangora can be cook through various recipes.  It can be cooked as Khichdi, Upma, Kheer, Chapati, Idli, Uttapam, etc.

Jhangora is 100% vegetarian and can also be consumed during fasts.

Jhangora's scientific name- Barnyard Millet

jhangora Rice is also known as - Sanwa, Samak, Sama, etc.

 According to the National Institute Of Nutrition, every 100 gm of barnyard millet contain 5 mg of iron, 6.2 gm of protein, 2.2 gm of fat, 4.4 gm of minerals (highest value among grains), 65.5gm of carbohydrates, 9.8 gm of crude fiber, 11.9 gm of moisture, 20 mg of calcium, and a high level of phosphorus at 280 mg.

Benefits of having Jhangora Rice

1- Jhangora contains a high amount of protein, minerals, calcium, iron, and vitamin B complex.
2- Jhangora is Gluten-free hence it is the ideal food for a person with gluten allergies and celiac disease.
3- Jhangora is rich in fiber i.e. easy to digest and makes feels super energetic and light after consumption.
4- Due to high iron content, Jhangora is also good for anemia.
5- Because of low in calories and high fiber content, Jhangora is effective in Weight loss. 

6-Jhangora helps in balancing the sugar level in the body.

7-Jhangora Helps in preventing bloating, constipation, cramping.

8-Jhangora provides antioxidant benefits to our body etc.

Pahadi Lala provides you Pahadi Jhangora in various packaging 

Jhangora Millets Packet of 1kg= Rs. 245

 Jhangora Millets Packet of 5kg =  Rs. 549