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Cleome Viscosa (Jakhiya) Production and Cultivation in Uttarakhand

Cleome Viscosa (Jakhiya) Production and Cultivation in Uttarakhand

  • 2021-01-31 19:06:27

Introduction- Jakhiya is famous all over the world for its amazing taste. The cultivation of Jakhiya in Uttarakhand is not for commercial farming but for domestic use. Jakhiya grows or rises automatically. Most of the food in Uttarakhand consists of Jakhiya. Its taste is unique in itself. Today, not only in Uttarakhand but also in hotels of big cities, people are using Jakhiya as a tempering agent. The migrants of Uttarakhand also take the Jakhia from Uttarakhand to abroad for cooking, so that they can enjoy the taste of mountain food even in foreign countries. 

Jakhiya seed

Probably anywhere, Jakhiya is grown as a crucial crop people consider Jakhya as weed and grows intermittently with the foremost crop. In India and many other countries, people recognize the Jakhia as a weed, whereas it has been the main ingredient of traditional spices since ancient times. The significance of Jakhya in Uttarakhand or the world is only from its seed because humans use it as a spice and as a substitute for Cumin. 

Cleome Viscosa  Jakhiya Utpaadaan in Uttarakhand

Jakhiya is not a cash crop for the people of Uttarakhand, so there is no cultivation of Jakhiya in Uttarakhand or any part of this world. Are you surprised after knowing this, but that's true? People of Uttarakhand don't grow Jakhiya like Jhangora (Millet Rice) and Kodu (Mandua, Ragi flour). Jakhiya is a domestic crop, it rises and grows on its own with a staple crop like Millet Rice and Ragi flour. 

When farmers of Uttarakhand harvest their crop they also harvest the plant of Jakhiya and separate the seeds from the plant. After separating seeds from the plant they are kept in sunlight for drying without using any chemical. Jakhiya is a pure organic spice. After being a weed crop there are lots of benefits of Jakhiya. No other weed crop has this many benefits. Jakhiya in Uttarakhand is not only used for cooking but also in medical treatment. 

Jakhiya in Uttarakhand is like a major ingredient of diet. People use Jakhiya in place Cumin because Jakhiya seeds have an exotic flavor after tempering with oil or ghee they become more crispy and crunchy which provides amazing taste and texture to the dish. Jakhiya also makes a dish healthy. 

Jakhiya Seeds Benefits

There are lots of benefits of Jakhiya seeds but, the most important thing is that Jakhiya contains flavoring agents. Jakhiya seeds contain 18.3 percent oil which is rich in fatty acids, amino acids. Jakhiya is beneficial because it contains fiber 7.61 percent, carbohydrate 53.19 percent, starch 3.9 mg, protein 29 percent, fat 0.50 percent, vitamin C 0.216 mg, vitamin E 0.0328 mg, calcium 1624.2 mg, Magnesium 1444.3 mg, potassium 145.35 mg, sodium 59.85 mg, iron 30.10 mg, zinc 1.995 mg.

  • The most important benefit of Jakhiya is that Jakhiya leaves is used for preventing skin infection, fever, arthritis, and headache.
  • Another benefit of Jakhiya is that the Jakhiya plant is used for healing wounds and Ulcer.
  • Jakhiya seeds juice is useful in the prevention of mental illness.
  • Jakhiya has digestive properties, antiseptic properties, analgesic properties, anti-diarrhoeal properties.

These all were the benefits of Jakhiya.

Jakhiya Seeds

Jakhiya seeds are very tiny and are dark brown or black in color. They are crunchy and exotic in taste. Jakhiya seeds are mostly used in Garhwali cuisine or Kumaoni cuisine. World's best Jakhiya is of Uttarakhand. Jakhiya in Uttarakhand is now available for sale by many vendors.

Jakhiya Plant

Jakhiya Plant is like a mustard plant. Jakhiya plant also has yellow flowers like mustard, it is hard to differentiate from a distance whether it is Jakhiya or Mustard.
Jakhiya Plant grows in a mountainous area. The climatic condition should be Moderate and rainfall should be in a limit neither too much nor too little. If these all conditions are available then only the Jakhiya plant can grow and survive. 

Jakhiya of Pahadi Lala

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