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Pahadi Gahat ki dal Online– Benefits, Nutrition

Pahadi Gahat ki dal Online– Benefits, Nutrition

  • 2021-09-16 20:21:49

Gahat ki dal or pahadi gahat is a legume extensively grown in Uttarakhand and many other states across India. Gahat ki dal is native to tropical Southern Asia and is also known with the binomial or scientific name Macrotyloma uniflorum. A highly nutritious food that goes by several names, such as horse grams, kulthi beans, Madras grains, and Gahat ki dal. Cooked in different styles across India, it has a warming effect due to which it is mainly consumed in winter by the North Indians. 

Health Benefits Of Pahadi Gahat Dal

Said to contain some of the major health benefits, pahadi Gahat ki dal is a boon for people. It contains many medicinal values that make this dal or legume imperative to be a part of a regular diet. Gahat ki dal is a highly nutritious and excellent source of minerals like iron, calcium, and phosphorus. In addition to this, Gahat ki dal is a protein-rich diet and also contains a good amount of dietary fiber. Most importantly, Gahat ki dal is proven effective for natural kidney stone treatment. This pahadi dal is effective for removing kidney stones through the urine for ages. 

A few benefits of pahadi gahat dal are listed below:

  1.  Prevents Kidney stone: It is believed by many people that regular usage of boiled extract of Gahat bean prevents stone formation in the body. All kinds of kidney disorders can be put to rest with this natural remedy. Gahat ki dal is high in polyphenols and antioxidants, which prevent cellular calcification due to the salt hardening process. 
  2. Aids Diabetes: Gahat ki dal helps in lowering insulin resistance in the body, leading to low blood glucose levels and controlling the rise of glucose levels. The research also shows that pahadi dal may be excellent for lowering the glycemic index.
  3.  Ayurveda treatment: Gahat ki dal is immensely helpful in Ayurveda treatment of various body problems. Whether it's kidney disorders, urinary disorders, or menstrual problems. Gahat ki dal is an effective remedy to all of these health problems under the Ayurvedic system.
  4. Heating properties: Gahat is extensively consumed in northern India, especially during the winter break of the year. This dal has a comparatively warmer nature that helps to keep the body temperature maintained. Gahat aids us from common colds, cuffs, and infections during the winters. This is an ideal fit as a portion of winter food and no wonder why it is a must for people living in hilly regions. 
  5. Accelerates weight loss: It is a low in calorie food that also contains dietary fibers along with vitamins and minerals. All these elements make it an ideal food for weight loss. The Gahat ki dal takes a little longer to digest, which keeps the stomach full for a longer period and helps us balance the calories. 
  6. Natural medicine: containing a bunch of essential components like vitamins and minerals and dietary fibers along with being loaded with protein, the Gahat ki dal helps aid certain kinds of ailments such as hemorrhoids, peptic ulcers, bronchitis, and asthma. 

Foods such as gahat ki dal are easily accessible but also contain some nutrition that makes them much more valuable than just legumes. It is indeed a boon for people to have this pahadi dal. To gain natural immunity, all individuals should consume it.

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